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Urbanism Code Draft: New Rules for Initiating Zonal Urban Plans (PUZs) by Private Investors

23 May 2023

Our colleague Ioana Waszkiewicz has analysed the proposed procedure for initiating zonal urban plans (PUZs) by private investors, whether individuals or legal entities. The procedure is subject to a major reform in the draft Urbanism Code currently under parliamentary debate.

“The draft Urbanism Code comes with a number of provisions that grant incentives to investors, such as the elimination of the legal obligation to draw up PUZs in certain areas – central areas, industrial areas/parks, etc. – or the possibility to increase the urban planning indicators POT and CUT based on grounded reasons to a maximum of 30% of the initial value, only once, outside protected areas, compared to the current 20% limit. However, as far as the procedure for initiating a PUZ is concerned, the changes are substantial and the new provisions may raise serious challenges for investors,” explains Ioana Waszkiewicz, Senior Associate at PeliPartners.

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