PeliPartners is a genuine business law powerhouse in Romania.

Who we are

We are experienced lawyers with many years working together as a close-knit team. We are part of the generation that built the business law consulting market in our country by applying international standards to local matters.

For more than 20 years we have been entrusted by multinational companies, financial institutions, and entrepreneurs with their most important endeavors.

Our full-service law firm is established based on a pledge to continually update and upgrade our services to the benefit of all our clients, team, and stakeholders.

We know that the key to success is understanding today yet adapting for tomorrow.

In a world of constant change, we use our knowledge and business acumen to keep both our team and our clients updated and at the forefront of current events. Knowledge needs to stay continually relevant; our primary focus is to be the sharpest every day.

Our practices

We have been here long enough to have done everything that can be done on this market.

We are well passed our learning curve and we are now all about experienced output. You work with us because we have done it before.

We treat your business as if it is our own and guarantee a first-hand, premium level of service when entrusted with your projects.

Corporate M&A

Finance & Banking

Real Estate & PPP

Competition & Commercial

Dispute Resolution

Our team

We bring together people with open hearts and beautiful minds.

We breakdown complex matters to the core essentials - until we reach the peace of mind afforded by simplicity.

We nurture talent and help it grow to achieve its full potential and believe that it is our duty to provide an environment of honesty and kinship. Law firms are competitive enterprises, but we make sure everybody knows that the only opposition is outside the firm.

When dealing with talent we always aim to add and never to subtract and we have a proven track record to show for it.


PeliPartners Assisted Mitsubishi Chemical Group in the Transfer of Shares of Qualicaps to Roquette Frères

PeliPartners assisted Mitsubishi Chemical Group in the transfer of shares of Qualicaps, a company in the pharmaceutical industry that supplies capsules and pharmaceutical manufacturing equipment, to Roquette Frères, a world leader in the field of plant ingredients.

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Transparency, a Key Element for Protecting Consumer Rights

Our colleague Catalina Burca-Andonie looked into the particular attention economic operators should pay to the transparency requirements laid down in the consumer protection legislation.

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ZF Bankers Summit 2023

Carmen Peli attended the first day of debates at the ZF Bankers Summit 2023, in a discussion on the corporate financing market.

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Impact of Algorithms on Competition

Our colleague Oana Bucsa talked about the impact of algorithms on competition in the newest PeliPartners analysis.

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Urbanism Code Draft: New Rules for Initiating Zonal Urban Plans (PUZs) by Private Investors

Our colleague Ioana Waszkiewicz has analysed the proposed procedure for initiating zonal urban plans (PUZs) by private investors, whether individuals or legal entities. The procedure is subject to a major reform in the draft Urbanism Code currently under parliamentary debate.

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